sss2Currently Life-Savers is picking up children ages 4-12 years of age and bringing them to our facility what the kids refer to as “the Life-Savers church”. Beginning in March of 2006 all the children ages 4-5 years of age will be going to an exciting brand new facility of their very own.

This class is called Kingdom Kids. Both Saturday Sunday Schools will receive pertinent, hard-hitting, meaningful, life-changing unforgettable lessons through animated teachings, puppetry, and whatever else it takes! The children sing exhilarating praise and worship songs, play hilariously electrifying games, get lavished with encouragement and have intense fun celebrating what the Word of God says concerning their lives.


“Every Saturday, our fun graffiti buses roll out just like tanks invading a city at 9AM going into the roughest and toughest areas of Opelika and Auburn Alabama. As the buses approach their neighborhood the bus horns begin blowing and the children come running!”

Touching Lives

We are confident the success of the Saturday Sunday School program is the amazing almost unbelievable visitation that every child receives every week at their door. Each week just a couple of days before Saturday Sunday School the children will receive a visit from staff here at Life-Savers with a brilliantly colored flyer with all the exciting news about the upcoming Saturday session.

Lasting Relationships

We call it building lasting personal relationships. Our personal visitation is a highly anticipated highlight of the week and has become the foundation of Life-Savers Ministries. After a visit to just one of the Saturday sessions one of the things people remember most is the passion each staff member as well as the volunteers have when it comes to their ministry for that Saturday.

Passion for Opelika

Everyone has an assignment for that day and it is done passionately! When you have been in these neighborhoods for as long as we have, you soon realize that you may not have the same God given opportunity again with each child, so to us it is a matter of life and death-heaven or hell!

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