Welcome to Lifesavers Ministries!

At Life-Savers Ministries, we work with young children to help them seek out the word of God and instill within them a Christlike aptitude.

Get Involved

Beginning a ministry isn’t a difficult task, someone once said that, “If you know why you are doing something, God will show you how.” We are constantly looking for the support of gracious volunteers. Find out what you can do to help.

Support A Student

Help bring the good Word to those students who need it. Offer up your services or donate today to help those less fortunate children to receive the Lord into their lives. Click below to learn more about supporting the ministry.

About Lifesavers

Life-Savers Ministries strives to give make it so every child can receive the Word of God. The mission: if they can’t get it on their own, bring it to them. Life-Savers Ministries wants to inspire all children to keep steadfast the Lord in their lives.

Reaching the Next Generation

Through our works, service, and love, we hope to reach the hearts of every young child and plant the seeds of God’s love there.

Community Outreach

Life-Savers Ministries works with children throughout Opelika to bring them closer to God.

Service & Volunteer Hours

We are always looking for volunteers to help with our ministry. Our non-profit organization runs on the generous support you supply.

Saturday Sunday School

Our Saturday Sunday School program allows children the opportunity to learn more about Christ and his teachings.

Leadership Training

Raising children in a Christ-like manner promotes stronger leaders who will use these values as they go forward in life.

Games and Activities

Life-Savers Ministries promotes the Word of God through songs, learning, and activities. There’s fun for kids of all ages!

The Message of Christ

We work with children to help impart the messages of Christ within them so that they may grow in a Christlike manner.

Churches and Groups

Looking for a service project or an opportunity to get some volunteer hours?

Churches and Groups

Looking for service projects or volunteer hours for your group?