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Life-Savers Ministries was birthed out of a “need.” A need to reach the weakest and the forgotten, the “at risk” children from the roughest areas, the areas where most either speed by or shun altogether. We believe we have a responsibility that we cannot dodge. In our teaching we are giving our children the time, attention, respect, and commitment they deserve and our God requires.

Life-Savers Ministries was founded October the 12th, 1996 in what was known as the Hardaway Housing Projects in Opelika, Alabama. It all began on the open corner of a vacant lot with nothing more than a couple of big blue tarps and some poster board with some songs and a scripture memory verse for that week on it. Today Life-Savers Ministries has grown and now has six school buses and a magnificent facility of its own where hundreds of boys and girls are brought from around 20 different rough and tough locations throughout Opelika and Auburn Alabama.

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“Things turn out the best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.” – John Wooden

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“God do this in such a way, people can look past any human ability and say; surely God has done this thing” People are always inquiring, “How did Life-Savers come about?” It came through seeing an obvious urgent need, then “the need” became the call. Beginning a ministry isn’t a difficult task, someone once said that, “If you know why you are doing something, God will show you how.”

All we knew was that beginning a ministry had to be different from the old ways of knocking on doors and giving an invitation “to come and visit our church.” This indisputably would not work, especially in the neighborhood we were targeting. The amazing method God gave us was as simple as it was clear and had instantaneous results. We just picked up all the trash in this neighborhood, and then did it again, then again. We were ferociously committed. This mystified the residents and they began to inquire, the children first and then the adults. That is how Life-Savers Ministries came about.