You invest yourself in what you believe can succeed

Life-Savers Ministries is dedicated to inspiring the to live in a Christ-like manner and to follow his teachings. We strive to give the them all the opportunities possible to connect with Christ and to have fun doing it! Life-savers have created ample activities designed to teach children about the Word and how they can apply it to their lives. Our ministries are for the children; in the words of Jesus, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

Saturday Sunday School

Currently, Life-Savers caters to children ages 4-12 years of age and teachers them at our facility which the kids refer to as “the Life-Savers church.” Saturday Sunday Schools will receive pertinent, hard-hitting, meaningful, life-changing unforgettable lessons through animated teachings, puppetry, and whatever else it takes! The children sing exhilarating praise and worship songs, play hilariously electrifying games, get lavished with encouragement and have intense fun celebrating what the Word of God says concerning their lives.

We are confident the success of the Saturday Sunday School program is the amazing almost unbelievable visitation that every child receives every week at their door. Each week just a couple of days before Saturday Sunday School the children will receive a visit from staff here at Life-Savers with a brilliantly colored flyer with all the exciting news about the upcoming Saturday session. We call it building lasting personal relationships. Our personal visitation is a highly anticipated highlight of the week and has become the foundation of Life-Savers Ministries. Posture After a visit to just one of the Saturday sessions one of the things people remember most is the passion each staff member as well as the volunteers have when it comes to their ministry for that Saturday. Everyone has an assignment for that day and it is done passionately! When you have been in these neighborhoods for as long as we have, you soon realize that you may not have the same God given opportunity again with each child, so to us it is a matter of life and death-heaven or hell!

Life-Savers Mission Thrift Store

The Life-Savers Mission Thrift Store not only provides an organized pleasant place for families to shop for clothes, furniture, household goods and much more, but also allows Life-Savers Ministries to impact more children and influence more families, consequently having an effect on the whole city and possibly the world. 100% of the proceeds of this non-profit (501-C3) Corporation are used to fund the numerous ministries within Life-Savers. It has been said that, “If you help someone row across the river, you will you will get there yourself.” We also sense it is a very privileged duty to be generous with other Ministries serving on the front lines both here locally and abroad. It is all about the Kingdom of God, not the kingdom of man.

A tax deductible receipt is issued for all contributions as well as donated items.

The Life-Savers Mission Thrift Store is located at 2051 East University Drive in Auburn, Alabama 36830. The phone number there is 334-887-5433. How You Can Help? Bring your usable clothes, furniture, toys, tools, books, games and other household items to the Store or call the Store for a courteous and convenient pick-up. Your gifts are tax-deductible.