Meet James

Mr. James Anderegg is the founder of Life-Savers Ministries Incorporated, in Opelika. This Christian Outreach Ministries offers biblical teachings and remarkable experiences to our children -- many of whom are Opelika Housing Authority residents.

Experiencing neglect and abuse as a child, Mr. James has dedicated his life to helping children in need. His mission is to go into economically deprived areas of the city--much like where he grew up, and offer young people a message of love and hope. Early every Saturday morning, Life-Savers' brightly painted buses are often seen throughout the city, picking up children, ages four to twelve, and transporting them to the "Life-Savers Church Facility."

Once there, they receive invaluable life-skilled lessons, both religious and practical, through animated teachings, puppetry, and various dramatic presentations. For about one and a half hours, they are super charged with high energy and fantastic fun. What Mr. James and his staff offer our children is fast paced, hard-hitting, real life lessons that are strategically constructed in a super fun environment.

Opelika Housing Authority youth really enjoy participating in this fantastic ministry. This one place is one they are allowed, and encouraged, to freely express themselves in so many creative ways. They are overwhelmingly excited! Through this awesome ministry, Life-Savers has helped to boost our children's self esteem and encouraging them to believe in themselves. Eight year old Jaysha Lewis comments "I like it when we sing songs and play the games." Tyquavious Barnett says that he "enjoys the Bible Study and the snacks" while Jacorey Williams comments, "I like the physical games that we play. I also like the Bible Study and singing songs about Jesus." Among many other things, Life-Savers Ministry provides the children with school supplies, holiday meals and Christmas presents.

Each week student’s receive a home visit from members of Life-Savers staff encouraging them to make them to make good choices in life and informing them of upcoming events. In his own words, Mr. James Anderegg believes that in "doing whatever it takes to make a positive difference in the lives of children." he believes that every day the world invites us to make a difference, and "You only need to recognize the invitation and respond in a way that suits your ambitions, your values, your resources, and your passion." For Mr. James it was as simple as "the need being the call." Opelika Housing Authority emphatically salutes you for your loving acts of kindness that you show for our children.