RHINO Sidewalk Sunday School



      We’ve been told that, “We have busted things up” in the areas we have now been in for thirteen years. Through our “Sidewalk Sunday School” Ministry we actually take God’s Word it to the streets! It’s how we started. In Erwin McManus’ book “The Barbarian Way there is a heading called, “Crash the Future.” He describes how most groups of animals have unique names or designations when they dwell together. For example; with insects most of us know that bees are called swarms, ants are called colonies, cattle are herds, fish are schools, a group of whales are pods, lions are pride, and on and on. When it comes to the rhino or a group of rhinos, it’s called a crash! Positioning the “busted things up” with the “crash” we came up with Rhino Sidewalk Sunday School. We’re “Crashin’ Through” in West Point, Georgia in one of the largest housing project areas around. We are able to do this with our Rhino Truck which is equipped complete with a large flat-screen TV for video projection of songs, bible verses, and lesson visuals. It has a toy rack, cabinets for storing and much more! We pull up onto an open area let the stage door down and put giant tarps out for the children to sit on and have an hour of incredible fun! You have to see it for yourself.